LG Realm LS620 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

$ 14.95

Brand Kaleidio

  • Compatible for LG Realm LS620
  • Includes 1 sheet of tempered glass
  • Protects the screen from shattering/cracks
  • Transparent see-thru sheet
  • No air bubbles

Protect your LG Realm LS620 with one of our tempered glass screen protectors! A tempered glass screen protector is a sheet of tempered glass that will protect your screen from scratches, dings, chips, drops and shattering. Easy to install these screen protectors will not produce air bubbles during installation like your traditional screen protectors. The tempered glass screen protector will not interfere with touchscreen commands - your touchscreen is still 100% fully functional. The screen protector will offer scratch protection but will not prevent cracks and shattering to the tempered glass screen protector. With the screen protector on it will protect your screen from shattering and cracking. One sheet is included with free micro-fiber cloth so you can clean the screen before application.