LG Optimus Zone 2 / Fuel L34C Mercer TPU Case

$ 9.95

Brand Kaleidio

The Mercer case is a new LG Optimus Zone 2 case made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The case is a plastic and silicone material hybrid. Its shock absorbent, doesn't dent nor will it tear or scratch. The case retains the grip, soft feel and flexibility of a silicone case with the protection of a hard case. The Mercer series futures unique molded texture and designs on the rear of the case to give it an even more premium and slick look. Installing the case couldn't be any simpler. Just place the phone into one end of the case then pull/stretch the other end over the opposite end of your phone. Your LG Optimus Zone 2 remains fully functional while in the case with access to all the phones futures. Case is bendable, flexible and always retains its original shape.