HTC One M8 (2014 Edition) Colour Hybrid Case

$ 8.98

Brand Kaleidio

  • Compatible for HTC One M8 (2014 Edition) / HTC One M8 For Windows
  • Protection from dings, scratches and drops
  • Interior made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • Lightweight and easy to install and remove
  • Unique color combinations

The Kaleidio Colour series offers refined protection for your HTC One M8. The case provides 2 layers of protection. TPU wraps around the HTC One M8 giving it shock absorption from drops. One piece snap-on shell snaps on over the TPU gel giving that extra security and unique look. This case is the ideal choice for those that need extra protection from accidental drops while giving your HTC One M8 a slim and slick profile.